Uber Versus Taxis in Bogotá: A Cost Comparison


There are plenty of ways to get around in Bogotá, but the options are not always easy to navigate. In fact, there are many people in Bogota who don’t even know about their public transportation options! We’re here to help: today we’re looking at the pros and cons of Uber versus taxis in Bogotá.

Uber Versus Taxis in Bogotá: A Cost Comparison

How Uber works

Uber is a mobile app that allows you to request a ride from your phone. You can see the cost of the ride before you request it, track the driver in real time, and there are no cash transactions–all payments are made through the app.

How taxis work

Taxis are metered and must be called. You can’t just hail one on the street, so if you want to take a taxi in Bogotá, you have to know where they’re going and make sure they’re heading in that direction before getting in the car. You can also expect longer wait times when calling for a cab compared to Uber because there are fewer taxis available overall–and those that are available tend to be busy with other passengers already.

Taxi rides are more expensive than Uber rides because most cabs charge by distance instead of time (like Uber). Additionally, some cabs may charge extra fees for luggage or credit card payments–or even just not provide receipts at all!

The Uber experience

Uber is easy to use:

  • Uber is a lot easier than hailing a taxi. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier, or standing on the street in a foreign country waiting for one of your options to arrive. You just open up your app and request a car, then track its progress as it comes toward you (and vice versa).
  • The Uber experience is more seamless because there are no payment issues–you pay through the app at the end of every ride, so there’s no need for cash or credit cards when you get into an Uber vehicle.* A lot of people also find it easier not having to deal with taxis themselves; they’re generally not very friendly or helpful if something goes wrong during your trip.* This is even more true when dealing with cabs than other modes of transportation like buses or subways because these drivers have been known not only refuse service due their own personal prejudices but also drive dangerously fast down narrow streets without regard for pedestrians’ safety

The taxi experience

Taxi drivers can be rude, and they’re not always available when you need them. Even if you do manage to get in a cab, the car might not be clean and it may not have working air conditioning. And then there’s the danger factor: taxi drivers get into accidents all the time in Bogotá–and there are plenty of stories about passengers getting robbed by their drivers.

Uber is a better and more cost-effective option for getting around Bogota.

Uber is a better and more cost-effective option for getting around Bogota.

Taxi rides in Bogota are more expensive, inconvenient and unsafe compared to Uber. It’s no wonder that Uber has gained popularity as a taxi alternative in Colombia’s capital city. It’s not just about cost–you also get the added benefit of convenience and safety when you use Uber instead of taxis!


In conclusion, Uber is a better and more cost-effective option for getting around Bogota. With its highly-rated drivers and easy-to-use app, it’s no wonder that this ride-sharing service has taken off in Colombia. The taxi experience can be chaotic and expensive–especially when you factor in the cost of waiting in traffic or paying for parking at the airport! So if you’re looking for a more convenient way to travel around town without breaking the bank? Give Uber a try today!